Monday, March 12, 2012

The Time Traveler


I have been invited by The Traveling Bedouin, my best friend for nearly two decades now, to share in my thoughts and travels.  I pondered about my own blog and then decided that, much like traveling, it would be far more rewarding to experience this trip with a companion.
In sitting down to write and share whatever thoughts my fingers laid to print, I began to wander through all my travels.  It was like rummaging through the dusty travel section of an old forgotten bookstore.  I fingered through the pages of Asia, Europe, the Americas, etc. and found myself moving through the emotional spectrum of all the experiences that have been the architects of who I am today.
As I sat there like a spiritual medium that could tap into the many karmic lives they lived, I thought about what it really meant to write about traveling.  It was nothing to do with that one great place to eat, or that one site you want to photograph from a hundred different angles, or the next mountain crest that’s known for its sunrise.  If I were to write this, I might as well write another travel book that really would be at home in the travel section.  Instead, traveling for me has ultimately become more about the experience itself.  Therefore, that will largely always be my approach.
For me traveling is more about the challenges you encounter, and as many know or will know, traveling is certainly showered with no shortage of these.  It is about the people you meet, the gains you earn, the losses you feel, the fears that are real and imagined, the reality of dreams both realized and broken, it is about nothing and everything.  Ultimately traveling is about, and rests solely within, the human experience, about learning and growing, discovering, creating, and in the end as I sit and write, I realize it’s simply about you.
So as I trek through the history of my life like a tight rope walker dancing on a timeline, I see it the way God must see time.  Still, fixed, and accessible at any point.  No matter where you go or don’t go in life, we are always traveling through time.  We are all without question “time travelers” and in this time we become our own Descartes, and at many points in it we are defined and redefined.

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