Thursday, May 31, 2012

Travel Bug: Boom-Boom


That's the sound of napalm dropping on our past.

We think long and hard about it when we're staring up at a revolving ceiling fan in this room in the middle of a desert, just you and I, laying down, arms open and hands behind our heads. Wondering how the heck our past effervesced so quickly, you'd have thought years would have taken longer to dissolve. As if.

But you remember her, don't you? Yeah, you do. That elusive little thing we met. I think she liked you more, but I don't care. For a brief moment, she was in our lives. Just the three of us. She was our smile and our joy. Shit. She was our life.

Then, boom!

She disappeared. You know why? We had to go back to that shit-hole called home. We wanted to stay out there, in the middle of God knows where, with these strange faces and their stranger tongues. It wasn't so much the beaches or the scenery that surrounded us. Pfff, you can watch that crap on TV.

Nah, it was the girl, it was the attitude. What d'you say? Yeah. Me neither. I don't remember what she looked like, her face was kind of hazy. But it wasn't her looks that did us in, was it? Honestly, I just loved having her around. She wasn't the jealous kind, either. She loved it when we talked to other backpackers like us. As long as she was around.

So, you and I, we went back home. As soon as we got there, we couldn't take it, we left. Curiously enough, don't ask me how, we ended up in this half-way house of a desert between the East and the West, staring at this fan above us. Laughing at our adventures. Laughing at all that we left behind. The lunacy of it all. No, you talked me into it.

But, seriously, don't you wonder if our friends talk about us anymore, if they miss us? Do you think they'll ever understand our obsession with that faceless girl? Do you think they know we're sitting in a desert under a baking sun while we wait for her call?

Do you?

Wait. I said, shut up. I think I hear her calling. Come on, get your lazy ass up.

The bombs are about to drop.

Soon we'll be gone.

For good, this time.

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